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How I Cook the Best Steaks in Chicago
By Chef Brian Key

Chef Brian KeyAt Steak 48 our ambiance and innovative vision of what an American steakhouse can be makes us the hottest new steakhouse in Chicago. As the Executive Chef, it is my job to serve the best steaks in Chicago.

The perfect steak begins before the beef even arrives at our restaurant. We source prime-grade beef that has been corn fed for 300 days on regional Midwest farms. The beef we serve ranks in the top two percent of all beef in the country in terms of quality, and if it doesn’t pass our strict standards it does not make its way onto our menu.

This grade of beef has incredible marbling which will be juicy and tender once it has been cooked. All of our steaks are wet-aged and processed in-house in our temperature controlled butcher shop so that we can deliver custom cuts directly to our kitchen without any delays.

Our perfect steaks are one of the reasons we are the steakhouse Chicago residents and food critics are talking about. We dust each steak with our top-secret seasoning mixture that complements our Midwest beef without taking anything away from the natural flavor. The next key to our perfect steaks is heat, and we are not talking about just any kind of heat. Each steak in our restaurant is cooked in our 1600-degree broiler for mere minutes time to achieve a moist result without overcooking. With those high temperatures, the juices of each steak are sealed inside instantly.

Guests at Steak 48 also get the unique experience to actually watch the best steaks in Chicago being prepared right before their eyes. Our kitchen is walled in with glass and clearly visible from the dining room. Chicago diners are buzzing about the experience of watching our talented culinary team put on a show in their effort to keep people talking about how Steak 48 is the hottest new steakhouse in Chicago.

Our menu features many more specialties beyond the best steaks in Chicago. Our open kitchen is home to a massive raw bar with fresh seafood. Our steaks can also be complimented by delectable side dishes like Au Gratin Potatoes and Asparagus Fries, and nothing beats our Beignet Tree or one of our other tempting desserts to finish off your dining experience. Serving incredible food is a team effort, and our culinary staff is always ready to show why foodies recognize us as the best steakhouse Chicago has to offer.