News at Steak 48 Chicago

December is here and with it comes the busiest time of year for restaurants and restaurant reviewers. Steak 48 continues to be the most mentioned and raved about Chicago steakhouse, and we keep proving why we serve the best steaks in the Chicago area.

Restaurant Hospitality Feature

Dugeness CrabSteak 48 not only continues to be the Chicago steakhouse local critics are talking about, but we are receiving national recognition as well. Restaurant Hospitality gives us a nod in a recent article highlighting restaurants that serve indulgent Dungeness crab during the holiday season. They put us in pretty exclusive company by mentioning us alongside of highly rated restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, a part of the country well known for serving crab from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

King and Dungeness crab highlight many holiday menus and are prevalent at winter events, but Steak 48 receives Restaurant Hospitality’s accolades for featuring succulent crab on our menu all year round. Their review gives mention of our King crab and avocado stack, Alaskan king crab and rock shrimp mac & cheese and our whole King crab cluster. As our corporate executive chef Marc Lupino states in his quote, our King crab will “blow guests away” and “is a great holiday splurge.”

Chicago Tribune Last Minute New Year’s Eve Reservations

With New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, reservations at high-end restaurants are becoming scarce, but Phil Vettel has you covered with his “Save the Tables” feature in the Chicago Tribune. Every year the Chicago Tribune highlights local restaurants that have a few tables left to reserve with only days to go before New Year’s celebrations begin. This year, Vettel lists Steak 48 as the steakhouse Chicago residents can acquire a last minute reservation on the hardest night of the year to get a table. He mentions our table for four available at 7 PM and the two tables for two that are available at 8 PM. All of these tables feature our regular dinner menu.

Steak 48 Listed as Best Places to Eat

Where to eat magazineSteak 48 continues to draw the attention of Chicago restaurant guides as we are mentioned in Chicago Magazine’s 2018 dining guide. Their “Where to Eat” guide applauds how our modern steakhouse ambiance melds with classic 1940’s glamour. The review highlights the fact that we are a steakhouse Chicago diners can enjoy in cocktail attire or in jeans for a more relaxed and casual experience.

They mention the modern nature of our restaurant space that features a sunken dining room, horseshoe bar and an open exhibition kitchen. They go on to note several menu items, including the prime-grade beef we are known for as well as our iceberg wedge salad and grilled shishito peppers. With mentions like this, Steak 48 should continue to be one of Chicago’s hottest steakhouses this holiday season and into the new year.

Steak’s for the Holidays

Steak 48 Bar AreaThe accolades this month do not stop there as Chicago Tribune once again mentions Steak 48, this time in their article highlighting “Steaks for the Holidays.” The Tribune raves about Jeffrey and Mike Mastro’s contemporary take on classic steakhouse traditions by calling our dining area’s design energetic and comfortable. They take the time to discuss how our innovative design accomplishes a fresh take on the traditional steakhouse without sacrificing the niceties that steakhouse patrons look for.

They complement our service and go on to tout our massive wine list that features close to 50 pours that are available by the glass. Their praise does not stop at our ambiance and service however, as they go on to extensively review our menu. They call our chef-driven appetizers “fun” and rave about the smoothness of our twice-baked potato with Gouda and shaved truffles. When you wet-age your steaks in-house, people notice the difference, and the Chicago Tribune claims that our steaks are “without flaw.”

They acknowledge that our steaks will never arrive cold, as they are always served on 500-degree plates. Finally, they finish off their review with a summary of the desserts they chose to sample. They noted that our desserts are decadent and that the beignets on our unique beignet tree are of the same quality of those served in the French Quarter.

With so many restaurants being highlighted by local reviewers during the holiday season, the continued mention of Steak 48 shows that we are still one of the most talked about Chicago steakhouses this season.