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A Chicago Steakhouse with Vegetarian Options

At Steak 48, we strive to be much more than the typical American steakhouse. While we do serve the best steaks and freshest seafood in the area, we also strive to be the best steakhouse in Chicago with vegetarian options. Our vegetarian dishes are not put together as an afterthought. Our chef has carefully crafted each item on the menu to meet our high criteria. While rooted in steakhouse traditions, our vegetarian items are sure to appeal to those craving familiar offerings or searching for something new and exciting.

Our menu contains numerous salads without meat ingredients that will appease the appetite of vegetable lovers. We also serve a wide selection of vegetarian appetizers and side dishes. In keeping with steakhouse traditions, our side dishes are large and oftentimes our guests will order these in place of one of our entrees as a main course. Our selections are diverse and range from our rich corn creme brulee to simple sautéed vegetable options.

May We Suggest a Vegetarian Dish?

Every ingredient that is brought into our kitchen must pass our chef’s rigorous inspection or it will never make its way onto your plate. All of our produce is brought in fresh, and we do whatever we can to source our ingredients from local farmers whenever possible. Our chef is on the constant lookout for the best fruits and vegetables in order to give our guests the best fine dining experience possible.


Creamy Mac & Cheese

Our side dishes come in bountiful portions, and many of our guests make a meal out of them. Our creamy mac and cheese is full of Provel, Romano and Tillamook cheddar cheeses, making it a hit among our regular visitors.


Asparagus Fries

There aren’t many vegetables that beat fresh asparagus. At Steak 44, we offer a unique take on this popular vegetable by serving it tempura style. Our asparagus fries are fried with vanilla tempura and accompanied by rich tomato hollandaise.

Fresh Burratta

Fresh Burrata

Fresh burrata is a soft, creamy Italian cheese that is decadent and satisfying. We serve ours with house-made tomato jam and pickled onion.


Heirloom Tomato Salad

If you’re a tomato lover, our heirloom tomato salad will easily appeal to you. We take fresh, locally sourced heirloom tomatoes and top them with micro arugula and feta cheese. This salad is perfectly complemented by our house-made Champagne vinaigrette.


Sautéed Vegetables

For simpler vegetarian choices, many of our guests choose our sautéed asparagus, broccoli or spinach. These fresh vegetables are cooked perfectly and served topped with shaved Parmesan cheese.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

If you desire a warm and comforting vegetarian option, our roasted sweet potatoes will never disappoint. Roasted and topped with torched marshmallow, our sweet potatoes will always leave you satisfied.

At Steak 48, we feel that we serve the best Chicago steakhouse vegetarian dishes, and we are prepared to go above and beyond to accommodate special vegetarian orders. Just let us know when you make your reservation with us, and our chef will create a custom vegetarian dish if given timely notice.