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A Chicago Steakhouse with Gluten Free Options

At Steak 48, our gluten-free menu options aren’t our regular menu items with something missing. Our chef has carefully crafted our menu to contain many gluten-free choices that are satisfying and fulfill your craving for amazing American steakhouse cuisine.

chicago gluten free menu items

At Steak 48, we go out of our way to make every guests’ experience a special one. Our menu is designed to offer something for everyone who chooses to dine with us, including our guests who are looking for a Chicago steakhouse with gluten free options. Our attentive staff will be glad to direct your attention to the many gluten-free choices on our menu, and our culinary team will always make every effort possible to adhere to your dietary restrictions.

All of the UDSA prime-grade steaks we serve at Steak 48 are wet-aged in-house and cut by hand by our master butcher. We take care to prepare each one perfectly so they are succulent and sizzling when they reach your table. Our chef’s proprietary steak rub adds to the natural flavor of our beef and contains all gluten-free spices.

May We Suggest a Gluten Free Dish?

Beyond our steaks, we have numerous gluten-free menu items. Most of our salads contain nothing but the freshest produce and are simply dressed with house-made salad dressings. We have an extensive selection of side dishes that contain no gluten ingredients, and one of our knowledgeable service staff can help you choose a tantalizing appetizer that meets your needs and gets your evening off to a great start.


Braised Pork Belly

Our braised pork belly is a sweet and succulent way to start your dining experience at Steak 48. It is slow-cooked with gluten-free ingredients such as locally sourced honey and served with sautéed spinach.


Superfood Salad

Each one of our salads is made from the freshest greens and quality produce. Our superfood salad has crisp kale, tasty baby arugula, seasonal berries and goat cheese. These gluten-free components are all brought together by our house-made Champagne fig dressing.

Seafood Tower

Seafood Tower

When guests look at our massive raw bar, they instantly get the craving for succulent colossal shrimp, enormous Alaskan king crab legs and tantalizing Hawaiian Poke. Most of the fresh seafood on our raw bar and their accompanying sauces are prepared in a gluten-free manner.


Double Baked Truffle Potato

Some of our most popular side dishes are safe for gluten free diets. Our double-baked truffle potato is full of creamy Gouda and Fontina cheeses and accented by the decadent flavor of shaved black truffles.


Shetland Island Salmon

Besides our prime-grade steaks, we have many main course options for those looking for gluten-free choices. Our Shetland Island salmon is procured from sustainable fisheries in the cold waters off of the coast of Scotland. This mouth-watering fish is moist and popular with seafood lovers.

Doing our best to accommodate your dietary needs.

If you have any other special dietary needs, the staff at our fine dining restaurant will do whatever they can to accommodate them. Let us know when your make your reservations, and we’ll discuss your options. With advance notice, we’ll even order special gluten-free bread rolls to accommodate your party. While we do make every attempt to provide gluten-free choices, we do not have ovens dedicated to gluten-free cooking. Please let us know ahead of time if you are looking for dining options that require sensitive preparation.