News at Steak 48 Chicago

At Steak 48 we feature the best steak Chicago restaurants have to offer, a bountiful fresh seafood selection, unique appetizers and an extensive award-winning wine list.

Eating in our bi-level dining room is a truly unique experience. Our glass-lined booths create an intimate atmosphere, and tables with a view of our glass-enclosed kitchen enable diners to observe the performance of our talented chefs as they create culinary masterpieces.

When taken together, our incredible dinner menu, succulent desserts and innovative ambiance, makes Steak 48 the steakhouse Chicago food critics recognize as the sexiest steakhouse on the dining scene today.

The Hottest Restaurant in Chicago

hot-restaurant-in-ChicagoChicago Magazine not only puts us on their Hot List in their October 2017 issue, they rank us as the number three hot restaurant in Chicago.

Citing our cozy glass-lined Chef’s table booths and open kitchen, the experience of dining at Steak 48 make us one of the most talked about restaurants in the city. Also of note, is that fact that Steak 48 is the only steakhouse to make Chicago Magazine’s top ten list.

Dining Out Chicago’s North River Hotspot

new-restaurant-in-chicagoDining Out Chicago touts us as a sexy and bold steakhouse that Chicago patrons should recognize as a North River hotspot.

Giving credit where credit is due, Dining Out Chicago recognizes the Mastro Brothers, their father Dennis and partner Scott Troilo for introducing an exciting new steakhouse concept that brings an intimate atmosphere to quiet dining nooks and an energetic vibe to the overall experience.

Their review does not neglect our menu as they acknowledge that nothing beats beef sourced from nearby Midwestern farms and butchered in house on a daily basis. Executive Chef Brian Key’s efforts are not ignored in Dining Out Chicago’s review as they applaud his adventurous steak toppings such as black truffle lobster and chef-style Burrata.

Zagat’s Newest Sexiest Restaurant in Chicago

sexiest-new-restaurant-in-chicagoThe accolades continue to roll in as Zagat, a nationally renowned reviewer of restaurants and publisher of dining guides, names Steak 48 one of the sexiest restaurants in Chicago. Zagat raves about our style, one that is much more contemporary than the traditional steakhouse.

Chicago patrons enjoy a “sleek palate” that provides an elegant foundation for enjoying the best steak Chicago has to offer in a unique bi-level dining space.

They also highlight our series of cozy nooks and patio dining areas featuring fire pits that offer the opportunity for a romantic evening. In a city that opens numerous restaurants each year, it’s always an honor to be recognized by Zagat.

Critics are not the only ones recognizing Steak 48 as a hot restaurant in Chicago as Sam Acho and several other members of the Chicago Bears hosted a celebrity waiter night at our restaurant.

This event gave us a great opportunity to bring awareness to Sam Acho and Living Hope Ministries’ goal to bring medical supplies and build a medical center in the African country of Nigeria.

Sam Acho not only donned the chef’s jacket and served at this charity function, he is also personally involved in Living Hope’s missions to Nigeria as he has traveled with the group several times on mission trips focused on providing dental and medical services to areas where they are not readily available.

With so many impressive reviews rolling in, it’s not hard to believe that Steak 48 will continue to be a hot restaurant in Chicago’s dining scene for some time to come.